La Linda

Caldas the origin region

A perfect balance aromatic red fruits cup with high acidity.This cup is grow in volcanic soils in the top of the “Chambery" river´s hill with an important effect of ascendant winds from the basin. Café la Linda is grow in a rain forest when predominate the chaquiro (junglans neotropica),nogal,cedro and bamboo forest.

Caldas the origin region

A exotic and refinanced cup originated in volcanics soils in the central Andes. We define this coffees as Exotics from the high forest. All the coffee is growth over 6200 ft over sea level in a native ecosystem with strict conservation practices. A forest of colors and biodiversity. The home of severals birds and reptiles, Is not rare found around the fields small mammals as “cuzumbos”,“guatines”, “zarigueyas”.

La Palma


Quindio: a coffee grow from traditions.

When you visit a prehispanic museum is almost sure you will find something from Quimbaya. Well, we believe here in Quimbaya we have something more valuable than gold, we grow in partnership with the Sanchez family one of the most traditional families of the coffee industry in Quindio a exceptional coffee from mid lands. All this coffee is grow over 4500 ft over sea level in association with exotics fruits as Yellow pitahaya, caimito and with the help of our best friends, the bees. Just right now In the farm “Agua linda” we work with soil conservation practices and reforestation projects.

Our history

Began in 1930 when Mr. Alvaro Serna Botero starts a small company to produce and buy coffee in the north of Caldas, A region placed in the middle of the andes with wonderful landscapes currently declared by the UNESCO as a world heritage “Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia”.

There, in a beautiful town called Salamina, is located a small farm called “La Linda” (The Beauty) in the slope of a hill of coffee cover by deferents native trees to protect the soil and preserve the fauna and flora, we grow a magnificat coffee when the goal is create a trip to the origen in each try.

After several years growing great coffees in Salamina, we decided to cross borders and begin to build a dream "Give the opportunity to worldwide to enjoy the best experience with our exotics flavors".

However for us the coffee is not just a crop, is our culture and the opportunity to work to improve social conditions in the influence area of our projects and preserve a unique biodiversity of a unique place.

In 1999 the second generation of the family decided to plante a native forest to conserve the area and some trees in red risk list, the idea was protect it and produce a magnificat coffee, Today the third generation is growing the best coffee you can imagine at same time we protect